Historic South Of Market

1095 Folsom St.

Originally built in 1918, this historic building is home to Cobaltix, the premier technology consulting in the Bay Area. Cobaltix uses the building for private events, and although the space is not for rent, we do generously allow it to be used by groups, clients, friends, and causes we are close to. We always have good espresso — please stop by.


Originally built in 1918, this beautiful brick and timber building was occupied for almost 80 years by the first owners—a local sign company, that was reputed to make the best signs in San Francisco. With the changes in technology came their gradual decline, until, in the mid-1990s, the company finally closed, the building eventually sold. In the coming decade, the building saw great growth in the Bay Area, but because it had a less than desirable location (two blocks from the San Francisco jail, and two blocks from the Tenderloin), it largely sat on the sidelines of the dot-com boom—sitting mostly empty with only a few companies coming in for short periods until 2011. Someone was nice enough to reinforce the walls and roof with iron I-beams (and did a very nice job), but very little was done to keep the building up. The building was neglected.


In addition, various “touches” were added. A nice gym, heavy sliding roller doors, a secure and state-of-the-art server room, a wood coffee bar and conference room tables created by a local artisan from fallen trees in Oakland, and a perfect glass conference room. Once the work was complete, the new company moved in. Since 2011, the building has hosted some of the most influential people in the San Francisco Bay Area, and also a few notable events: a birthday party featuring the English Beat, and a Scotch and Chocolate Tasting led by Stephen Beal, (one of the twelve Masters of Scotch in the world).

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